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Jennifer Wolf


Allotropes is a series of graphite representations of a pear shaped diamond on paper juxtaposed with a wall drawing executed with handmade carbon chalk. There are as many as ten different cuts of this highly prized transparent mineral derived from carbon. Sharing its derivation with the diamond is graphite, making the material pair allotropes of carbon: pure forms of the same element that differ in structure.

 My interest in the iconography of the diamond is partially based in my painting practice, which has fore grounded the craft of paint making.  I have mined pigment sources including Iron oxides, copper oxides, calcium carbonates and Carbon from locations such as France, Peru, Brazil and my hometown of Ventura California. The reconstitution of these site-specific minerals into a painting medium connects the image to the painting process in an inextricable way. 

Jennifer Wolf

Allotrope 1  Graphite on Paper 8x11 in. 2011
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Allotrope 2 Graphite on Paper 8x11 2011
Allotrope 4 Graphite on Paper 2011  
Ascher Cut Allotrope Graphite Paper 16x24  2011
Allotrope 3 Graphite on Paper 2011
Allotrope 5 Graphite on Shishiki Board  8x11 in 2011


Princess Cut Allotrope  16x24"  2011