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Dye Painting #3 40x40%22 2020.jpg

2021 | Color Theory

Group Exhibition

"Furthering the dialogue within contemporary abstraction and its inescapable relationship with color, these artists prove that what color can convey is boundless and sure to captivate. Whether it’s Gleason’s use of lush, reflective material to accentuate the surface, Solomon’s gestural marks made with custom tools, Moses’ process driven hue amalgamations, Thomas’ sculptural color motifs or Wolf’s pure pigment experimentations, the use of color is essential in their practice and self evident in the work."

Bentley Gallery

Phoenix, Arizona

January 15, 2021 – March 13, 2021


Bentley Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by a group of notable artists who use color in distinctly unique styles to create a bold new vision. Artists include Jimi Gleason, Andy Moses, Nellie King Solomon, Jeremy Thomas, Jennifer Wolf and in The Project Room, Donald Martiny.

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